Magic City Hens

Magic City Hens is an incorporated non-profit 501(c)(3) educational and support entity, developed this summer, for the purposes of “Education, Mentoring, Adoption, and Support” for urban hen-keeping in Billings, Montana.

We expect to maintain a permanent presence in the Billings area, and exist to educate the public as well as hen-keepers.

Our blogsite is: – come on over, bookmark us, consider subscribing to the blog for updates. (“>


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  1. Posted by Patrick Duey on March 2, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    Needing to set up a coop, perhaps from on old shed on our property. Am new at keeping chickens. Any help available for ideas?
    Thank you


    • I’m sorry we overlooked replying to you!
      Magic City Hens ( is having monthly classes on hen keeping, which might be one place to start. Their next class is 3/31 from 1-3PM at Harvest Church Lockwood. It’s a 2 hour class for $15 or $20/family.

      Otherwise check out some of the coop photos they have listed on their page… or the Billings Parmly library has quite a few books on chicken-keeping and coop-buildling… or Barnes & Noble,, etc. Coops are widely different as long as some basic animal husbandry issues are kept: a certain size per bird, draft-free but venting, an appropriate number of nesting boxes for the size flock, and food/water/perches as appropriate. The design is limited only by your imagination! Good luck!!


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