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Compost Relocation Program

Here’s a fact: A single hen can keep over 100 pounds of bio-waste (leftovers, fruit and veggie peelings, bread crusts, stuff starting to “turn” in the fridge) from our city landfill, per¬†year. Add to that the hundreds of pounds of untreated grass clippings and autumn leaves, and you are looking at a significant compostable volume of bio-mass. This goes from a greenhouse-gas-producing problem into a gardening solution.

Here’s another fact: Not everyone composts. Not everyone has the time, the space, or the inclination. That’s ok!

We know that a sack of composted poultry fertilizer is easily $15/bag in local stores. Unlike dog or cat waste which can get into our water table and cause problems, poultry waste composts easily, completely, and provides a very valuable fertilizer.

The Billings Backyard Hen Initiative (BBHI) has initiated and will maintain a list we’re calling the Compost Relocation Program… gardeners, master gardeners, community gardens, compost-producing locations all over the city and in the county. Responsible places where hen-keepers can “call before they haul” and bring their compost materials/hen bedding & waste for recycling into compost. If you are interested in being on this list, shoot TJ an email at!

Keep that bio-waste out of the city landfill, and put it in gardens (composted) where it belongs!! We have a beautiful city and backyard hens can further add to our fertile productivity!