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More Backyard Coop Ideas…

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Hen Houses

How fun are these coop photos? Whether you’re a handy-person or buy a ready-made coop, the possibilities for chicken coops are as varied as the personalities of their owners. Coops are either stationary or mobile/portable. (Did you know? Over the pond they call portable chicken coops “chicken arks”; here in the USA they’re called “chicken tractors”.) The point of a portable coop is so you can move them about in your yard to eat bugs, a bit of grass, provide small and fairly mild fertilizer, and take advantage of sun/shade. The mess is generally quite a bit less than a wild bird feeder, as wild birds tend to scatter seed wildly in their efforts to get the “golden seed” (so it would seem) at the top of the bottom-feed bird feeder… said seeds popping up a week later in what amounts to weeds and sunflower plants in your yard or on your deck. Here’s a thought – try putting your wild bird feeder above your chicken’s coop! The thrown seeds will be gratefully gobbled by tidy hens.