Urban Hens Now Acknowledged as Legitimate Residents


Pardon our delay in the Big News; urban henkeeping has become a legitimate occupation for Billings residents. The Council okayed the vote 6-4 with Hanel, Cimmino, Pitman and Astle voting Nay.

Effective 10/10/12, residents can obtain a Chicken Permit from the city at a cost of $25 per year. Specific limitations will apply. The nonprofit “sister” site to this site, http://MagicCityHens.wordpress.com, will soon have a link to print the permit paperwork and a copy of the approved ordinance.

This site will no longer be used for updating on the efforts to obtain a clear urban hen ordinance for Billings as that has now been addressed. Please join the Magic City Hens site for information on classes, chicken adoptions, compost relocations, and the annual Magic City Hen Expo. You can also check out our Facebook pages: Magic City Hens, or Billings Backyard Hen Initiative.

Thanks for all the support, Billings!! (“>


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