BIG Vote Tonight 8/27/12! 

Tonight is the first public reading of the new ordinance. We know we have said that before, however, we’re pretty sure this time that it hasn’t derailed. The City Council meeting is at 6:30PM on 8/27/12 at Council chambers, 210 N 27th Street downtown.

We need you there to stand in support of this issue! If the initiative fails, we will potentially have up to a year before we can request it again – and during that year we are planning to:

  • continue and expand on our email-the-council campaign,
  • picket the meetings with our “live” chicken Sunny (it’s a costume, don’t panic),
  • continue to show up to Council meetings to express our support of urban hens (even if they won’t be voted on),
  • continue the Letters to the Editor campaign,
  • and possibly pursue a legal approach in the event chicken owners are targeted by the City.

Despite the way the vote falls tonight, the nonprofit 501(c)3 Magic City Hens group (  will continue to offer regular urban henkeeping classes and maintain a visual presence in parades, city events, Gardeners and Farmers Markets, etc. That group will also continue Chicken Relocation and Compost Relocation projects, as well as the 2013 Hen Expo. Plans are underway for a City-Wide Coop Tour as well.

Please make it out tonight in support if at all possible; if you cannot attend, please email the Council at and Mayor at! (“>


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