Monday 8/6/12

Tonight at 5:30PM the City Council will hear the reading of the Urban Hen ordinance from Animal Control, Billings Police Department. There will be 2 readings of the ordinance, tonight is the first. Public may comment for 1 minute. Obviously, the anti-hen folks will be there… this is late notice, but if you can make it tonight in support of urban hens, please do!

The meeting is at City Council chambers downtown, as usual. We’re first on the agenda so it should be a short evening.

If you cannot make it, please email the council at and let them know you are in support of the urban hen ordinance.

The delay has been between the Zoning Commission (a citizen’s advisory group) who have ignored all the facts and tried to bury this ordinance repeatedly since we first talked to them well over a year ago) and Animal Control Board (also a citizen’s advisory group). Interestingly,  a certain member of the Animal Control Board has publicly denigrated this idea since it’s inception – speaking out of course as a citizen and not as a member of the ACB. However, Dave Klein, Director of Animal Control with Billings PD, has put together what we think will be a good solid urban hen ordinance for Billings, based on preliminary discussions.

We’re close, chicken-lovers! Keep up the energy and enthusiasm!!! (“>


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  1. Posted by Michele Johnson on August 6, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    Good luck you guys! -Michele


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