A Case For Backyard Hens in Billings

A Case for Backyard Hens in Billings (click on this title for a link to the .pdf file)

After months of research, discussions and community support, and with thanks to SalemChickens.com and their excellent suggestions, the Billings Backyard Hen Initiative is presenting a factual, highly researched Case for Backyard Hens in Billings.

This document addresses the myths and truths associated with urban chickens, as evidenced by the experiences of hundreds of other progressive cities in the United States, Canada and Europe who have made ordinance adjustments if necessary to allow urban hens. The simple fact is that urban hens are good for cities, communities, individuals, and families. We hope to show that with this document, and we hope to experience that when Billings proves that her interest in being an ecologically-friendly, “green” city easily extends to allowing the responsible keeping of a micro-flock of hens in interested backyards. Billings doesn’t just “Talk Green”… we live it. (“>


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  1. Posted by Anna Brown on August 18, 2016 at 6:03 am

    Awesome site! We are trying to get backyard hens in our town and meeting with much disapproval by our current city council. Your site will be so helpful! Any other info you can pass on would be amazing! Thank you!


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