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YouTube public awareness video is live!

Check out our new YouTube video – Mumba the hen is on a mission in Billings to drive public awareness and support. Please feel free (and encouraged) to share the video with anyone you think may be interested in the urban hen issue!

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Great Websites

Here are just a few great websites, if you’ve got a minute to peruse! – everything from tons of information on raising backyard hens, to supplies, to the chicks themselves (including a free breed selection tool), to coops and coop plans. Lots of photos and, did we mention, tons of information?

www.PoultryOne – another major source of great info on raising backyard poultry. Feeding, housing, showing, caring for from egg to hen. Well laid-out and easy to read. Good stuff.

The backyard chicken revolution is sweeping America!

Wonderful Links

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