Magic City Hens

Billings’ own nonprofit 501(c)3 for the education and support regarding urban hens in the Billings, Montana area is announcing upcoming classes in CHICKENS 101:

4/14/12 from 10AM-12noon at Harvest Church Lockwood

4/28/12 from 10AM – 12noon at Harvest Church Lockwood

Classes are 2 hours each, handouts are provided, and they cover the basics of what you need to know to have a safe, healthy backyard micro-flock. Breed selection for our climate, winter and summer care, health and diet, eggs-pectations, and more. Fun and informative! $15/person or $20/family.

RSVP or query for more information!

COOP GLEANINGS! Magic City Hens is also asking for your Spring cleaning coop gleanings (aka chicken poo, bedding, etc)… if you don’t compost and you’re not already being contacted by people who do and want your chicken poo, give them a holler. Composting of this “black gold” is being held at a local community garden on the west end, and downtown at Salvation Army’s compost area. If you are a gardener and want to be added to the list of locations for donation (of raw compost materials, please note that these will not be completely composted yet), likewise email!


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