New York Times Article on Bounty of Backyard Eggs

Click on the above for an interesting article in the New York Times regarding backyard eggs. You know, New York, New York? The epitome of a backwards, backwoods, out-in-the-country, redneck, (animal) predator filled city? Oh wait… maybe not. Hello folks, green is the new black, and urban hens are a sign of progressive times, not a throwback to your granddad’s chock-full-o-chooks chicken house.

We do take note that NYC allows up to 25 hens per household, so thus they may indeed find themselves in a surplus of eggs, around 2 dozen per day with that hen count! Alas, in Billings, we are asking for a max of 6 hens, so more like 5-6 eggs per day. With hungry families eager to eat french toast, eggs over easy, scrambled hen apples, luscious orange-tinted pound cake (from the extra beta carotene and vitamin K in the backyard eggs), Egg Foo Young, frittata, quiche, hard-boiled eggs diced over a salad or just sprinkled with salt and devoured… you get the picture. Not much surplus! (“>


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