City Council meeting 3/26/12 VICTORY!

SWEET!! First, some of our progressive, personal property rights-oriented, live and let live, “give a chicken a chance, man” city council persons voted to DELAY the text amendment proposed by the Zoning Commission (which is nothing short of an enforcement mechanism for the city’s stand that backyard hens are against code, no matter how they try to spin it)… and then city staff were redirected to study Bozeman and Missoula’s ordinances and come back with an ordinance they believe may work in Billings under a one year trial.

Of course we had our nay-sayers, especially Councilman Astle who apparently despises us, each and every one, for some unfathomable reason that results in his wishing all chickens were dead chickens. 😦 But overall, it was a victory!! Keep the letters coming in to city council at: and as we need to keep supporting this issue to get it through!!


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  1. Posted by Cynthia on March 27, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    Did anyone recognize the reporter sitting next to Ed Kimmick? We both can in late, but I forgot which rag he wrote for, or his name. He said he would be writing on the issue…


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