Mayor Scoffs At Citizen Requests

Mark your calendars! We need to PACK THE PLACE in urban hen supporters: March 26, 2012 at 6:30PM, the City Council will be given the opportunity to vote on an initiative from the Zoning Commission to recommend that the words “and fowl” be added to ordinance subsection 27-607, currently prohibiting livestock within city limits. The Mayor has remarked in emails to the Council that “the 26th can’t get here fast enough.” WE CRY FOWL!!

While we can’t find a single city in the USA, Canada, or the UK who allows urban hens and wishes they didn’t (and it’s a vast, vast majority who DO allow them), this issue is bigger than the right of law-abiding citizens to have a micro-flock of egg producers in an appropriate coop in their own backyard. This issue addresses our right for fair and diligent representation by our elected officials. It addresses our right to be treated as a responsible pet owner instead of disregarded as a potential animal abuser. It addresses our right to use our own property in a reasonable and conscientious fashion of our own choosing. It addresses our rights of urban food production.

Whether you wish to speak to the Council or not, we need your presence on March 26 in City Council chambers downtown. Don’t sit back and let us lose our rights… it will cost you nothing but an hour or two of your time to do the RIGHT thing for Billings residents!! Please come… and please share this information with anyone you know who likewise supports these rights! (“>



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  1. Good luck! I went through this process last year with our city. for a bit about our process.

    I hope you get the support you need!


    • Thank you for your encouragement! I think we’re about to “tip” the right direction… we’re not going away until we can do so with our hen ordinance!


  2. Do we know how the city council members feel about the addition to the ordinance. Do we need to target specific members?


    • We do have some progressive thinking, positive minded, pro-voter council members in this new group! But we’re focusing on contacting ALL of the council and mayor so they realize how many folks are FOR this. We literally have hundreds of signatures on petitions… but we need more than petition signatures, we need letters to the council, and letters to the editor of the Billings Gazette!


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