Percentage of Major US Cities Allowing Urban Hens

Attached below, please see a database as of 12/21/2011 indicating the 100 largest (by population) cities in the USA and whether they do or do not allow urban hens. For a quick summary, at least 93% of major US cities (according to population ranking) now allow urban hens! This is up from a reported 65% in a November, 2008 article in Newsweek magazine.

Rank City State Allow?
New York New York YES
2 Los Angeles California YES
3 Chicago Illinois YES
4 Houston Texas YES
5 Philadelphia Pennsylvania YES
6 Phoenix Arizona YES
7 San Antonio Texas YES
8 San Diego California YES
9 Dallas Texas YES
10 San Jose California YES
11 Jacksonville[h] Florida YES
12 Indianapolis[g] Indiana YES
13 San Francisco California YES
14 Austin Texas YES
15 Columbus Ohio YES
16 Fort Worth Texas YES
17 Charlotte North Carolina YES
18 Detroit Michigan NO
19 El Paso Texas YES
20 Memphis Tennessee YES
21 Baltimore Maryland YES
22 Boston Massachusetts YES
23 Seattle Washington YES
24 Washington District of Columbia Not yet
25 Nashville [g] Tennessee YES
26 Denver Colorado YES
27 Louisville [g] Kentucky YES
28 Milwaukee Wisconsin YES
29 Portland Oregon YES
30 Las Vegas Nevada YES
31 Oklahoma City Oklahoma YES
32 Albuquerque New Mexico YES
33 Tucson Arizona YES
34 Fresno California YES
35 Sacramento California YES
36 Long Beach California YES
37 Kansas City Missouri YES
38 Mesa Arizona YES
39 Virginia Beach [e] Virginia YES
40 Atlanta Georgia YES
41 Colorado Springs Colorado YES
42 Omaha Nebraska YES
43 Raleigh North Carolina YES
44 Miami Florida YES
45 Cleveland Ohio YES
46 Tulsa Oklahoma YES
47 Oakland California YES
48 Minneapolis Minnesota YES
49 Wichita Kansas YES
50 Arlington Texas YES
51 Bakersfield California YES
52 New Orleans Louisiana YES
53 Honolulu [b] Hawaii YES
54 Anaheim California YES
55 Tampa Florida YES
56 Aurora Colorado NO
57 Santa Ana California YES
58 Saint Louis [d] Missouri YES
59 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania YES
60 Corpus Christi Texas YES
61 Riverside California YES
62 Cincinnati Ohio YES
63 Lexington Kentucky YES
64 Anchorage Alaska YES
65 Stockton California YES
66 Toledo Ohio YES
67 Saint Paul Minnesota YES
68 Newark New Jersey ?
69 Greensboro North Carolina YES
70 Buffalo New York YES
71 Plano Texas NO
72 Lincoln Nebraska YES
73 Henderson Nevada YES
74 Fort Wayne Indiana YES
75 Jersey City New Jersey YES
76 Saint Petersburg Florida YES
77 Chula Vista California YES
78 Norfolk [e] Virginia NO
79 Orlando Florida YES
80 Chandler Arizona YES
81 Laredo Texas YES
82 Madison Wisconsin YES
83 Winston-Salem North Carolina YES
84 Lubbock Texas YES
85 Baton Rouge Louisiana YES
86 Durham North Carolina YES
87 Garland Texas YES
88 Glendale Arizona YES
89 Reno Nevada YES
90 Hialeah Florida YES
91 Chesapeake [e] Virginia YES
92 Scottsdale Arizona YES
93 North Las Vegas Nevada YES
94 Irving Texas YES
95 Fremont California YES
96 Irvine California YES
97 Birmingham Alabama YES
98 Rochester New York YES
99 San Bernardino California ?
100 Spokane Washington YES

5 responses to this post.

  1. We need to see Asheville, NC on the list please. Voted in April 2009


    • That’s great to hear!! Good for you guys!

      This list is actually just the top 100 largest in population in the nation, which is why I didn’t list Asheville. Billings is nowhere near making the top 100 largest, but still! 🙂

      How well does your meetup group work? We’ve been considering starting something like that here in Billings, too. How often do you have meetings, how many people attend generally?


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  3. Posted by Cynthia on April 18, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Are these listed in order of legalization dates?


    • No, they’re in order of size by population. This initiative was started in the Pacific Northwest, although similar initiatives have also taken off in the UK, Belgium, France, and Canada.


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