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To make this a matter of public record, the Billings Backyard Hen Initiative is requesting up to 6 female (no roosters) Gallus Domesticus birds, ie, the domesticated chicken. This group has no plans, intentions or long-term goals to introduce ordinances to protect goats, sheep, cattle, ducks, guinea fowl, domestic turkeys, pheasants, or other creatures. I, TJ Wierenga, do hereby solemnly swear and promise that I do not intend nor desire to bring any other bird or mammal before city personnel.

We would also like to publicly thank the members of the Animal Control Board, Planning Department, City Administrator, and councilmember Jim Ronquillo for attending this working session last night. This is an example of the best of city government: working together to hear out issues, acknowledge problems with existing code, and together develop something that we can all agree upon. Kudos, Billings!!!


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