KTVQ – in the news

Link to a short story by Q2’s David Jay about our upcoming meeting with the Billings Animal Control Board:


Here’s the story on Sunday 10/23/11 10PM news –http://www.ktvq.com/videos/sunday-10-pm-news-10-23-11/–  our clip is about 8 minutes in on the timeline bar below the video. I’m not really sure where the idea of a pig, goat, duck, or whatever comes from for those who are concerned about our goals, as our proposed ordinance is pretty clear about chickens… but I can reiterate my intention to never come before the city of Billings asking for any creature beyond Gallus Domesticus! This issue is about healthy, local, sustainable food production (and bug control, and free fertilizer), not turning our lovely Billings neighborhoods into Old McDonald’s Farm. I happen to love animals and birds, which definitely includes those deemed livestock, however, whereas a limited number of urban hens can easily, cleanly and productively fit into an urban landscape with other pets like dogs and cats, their bigger fauna cousins have a much greater impact on their environment (and therefore are not, in my opinion, suitable).  

~TJ (“>


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