Work Study Planned by Billings City Council!

Billings’ City Council voted 8-2 on Monday night (9/26/11) to initiate a work study on the urban hen issue in Billings. My understanding is that they will check into the issue with other cities, do some research, and come up with a recommendation.

Our response? YAY for Billings City Council, who are putting some walk behind the talk of Billings becoming more progressive, eco-friendly and sustainability-oriented! We may be trailing most of the nation (and Canada, and the UK) in this issue, but honestly, who cares? This just means that there are alot more cities for Billings administration folks to talk with, and, we expect, hear from about how well the urban hen issue works elsewhere. Billings may not have spent alot of effort in years past working on our “Green” image, but, it was mainly because most of us were gone trout fishing, hiking, camping, working in the garden, or, oh yeah, LIVING a green life! And now it’s time to get urban hens protected as we get the ordinances clarified.

While the city is working on this study, our plans will continue to keep meeting with people, explaining what it is we are actually asking for (which doesn’t involve 35,000 chickens – smile), answering questions, heading off potential issues, and being responsible about our request. We’ll begin our regular Urban Hen-Keeping classes soon (see the blog for more info on this as it comes available) so that potential hen owners are well educated and know what they are getting into (other than the superlative eggs). We’re asking people to email the city council at and Mayor Hanel at to let them know that you are in support of urban hens. We’d like more letters to the editor of the Billings Gazette.

What are YOUR thoughts? This Initiative is being led by people – regular citizens – you guys, your neighbors, the checker at Albertsons, the lady who makes your Cappuccino. Not one of us is being paid a penny (quite the opposite) to try to educate the public and the local government, or spending time on this issue. We just think it’s important. Do you? What else should we do? (“>


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