Special Showing! Mad City Chickens movie!!

"Coming to a backyard near you"

Mad City Chickens is a sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical look at the people who keep urban chickens in their backyards. From chicken experts and authors to a rescued landfill hen or an inexperienced family that decides to take the poultry plunge—and even a mad professor and giant hen taking to the streets—it’s a humorous and heartfelt trip through the world of backyard chickendom.

Special screening! This is huge!! Mad City Chickens is NOT available on Netflix!
Saturday, September 24, 2011
Harvest Church Lockwood @ 1413 Rosebud Lane, Billings (Lockwood exit)
$5/person admission
FMI: TJ at 371-5161 or HensInTheBackyard@hotmail.com

2 responses to this post.

  1. I will be out of town on the 24th. Will there be later screenings?


    • I’m sorry to say that there will not – we signed an agreement with the Producer that we would present a single screening of the movie. A screening fee was paid and contract signed, so this is a once-only event for us. I believe you can purchase a personal copy of the DVD directly from the producer at http://www.tarazod.com/filmsmadchicks.html. It’s a great movie, it’s a shame you’ll be out of town!!


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