What’s Next? Pot Bellied Pigs?

Can I just answer this in one word? No.

To continue, if need be: pets are pets, and none of us should really sit in judgement of someone else’s desire to own a hen, a pot-bellied pig, a dog, a cat, a snake, a turtle, hamsters or gerbils, white rats, or a hippopotamus. HOWEVER… the Billings Backyard HEN Initiative is all about hens. We’re not the Billings Backyard Anything-Goes-For-Pets Initiative, and this group of people (grown to over 150 by late July, 2011) has absolutely no further agenda than to advance the cause of urban hens. Gallus Gallus Domesticus. The quiet, gentle, egg-laying backyard chicken.

Rest easy, Fair and Magic City… we are not the front men/women for some nefarious scheme to overrun our town with winged, hooved (cloven or otherwise), or pawed creatures. We’re just individuals and families who really strongly believe that backyard hens benefit all of us. We want to keep them in clean, enclosed and predator-proof little coops in our backyards, feed them scraps, eat their eggs, and enjoy being a little more self-sufficient. Fret not!! (“>



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