Nationwide Chickens Dying in Heatwave

The sun is beating down all over the southern United States, and chickens in factory farms are dying in record numbers. Pretty bad situation for everyone concerned: the farmers, the chickens, the consumers who may end up paying higher prices for eggs and/or broiler poultry at the grocery store.

We hesitate to make an argument based on a sad and difficult situation for those concerned, but it is a reasonable and realistic point to make that having backyard hens protects the owners/consumers (sustainable food right there in your backyard) and the chickens (who aren’t stacked up on one another in 100+ temperatures and dying of heat stroke).  The fact that we are dependent on others for our food sources becomes more and more evident when there are problems with that worldwide food network and/or the transportation infrastructure. The solution is simple: consider a micro-flock in a clean, enclosed, predator-proof coop in your own backyard!



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