Paula Deen’s Backyard Hens Under City Attack

Food Network star Paula Deen, who rescued a small flock of mixed hens in 2010, some of which are heritage-breeds, is coming under attack by her Wilmington, Georgia city administration for violation of zoning restrictions.

Paula joined other hen-keeping celebrities including Martha Stewart, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt in enjoying her own backyard-fresh eggs… but city officials are cracking down on urban hen-keepers in the area.

Paula talks about her hens here: If you can listen to this video and not turn the word “egg” into at least 3 syllables, you weren’t listening closely enough! 🙂

The national percentage of major cities who allow urban chickens was 65% in 2008, and more cities are changing ordinances to join that number weekly. Hopefully urban chickens will get the exposure they need for people to see what they are and realize what a benefit hens can be for owners as well as the community. Good luck, Paula Deen!


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