Red Lodge Poultry Workshop

Raising chickens is gaining popularity across the country. Jim Adkins, Sustainable Poultry Specialist with the International Center for Poultry, will present a workshop on July 20 on raising heritage poultry for sustainable farming, marketing, exhibition and preservation. Jim is a passionate, effective communicator who loves poultry and loves to teach people about the available opportunities with poultry. This workshop will empower you to start raising poultry or improve your current poultry operation.
The International Center for Poultry is an organization dedicated to educating people about standard bred poultry and sustainable farming. Standard bred is sort of like ‘purebred’ and ‘registered,’ but for poultry. For more information on Jim Adkins and the International Center for Poultry, visit
“Raising chickens is a complete cycle,” said Nicole Barlow. “The chickens will eat from the ground, they will produce eggs and meat. During this process, they will fertilize the grass area for the next generation of chickens.” Raising poultry is healthier for the environment compared to buying eggs or meat that has been shipped across the country, states Barlow. “I really enjoy hearing the sounds of my chickens, collecting the eggs, as well as teaching my kids about caring for the animals.”
This workshop takes place on July 20 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Barlow residence, 60 Two Mile Bridge Rd (1 mile North of Red Lodge). The cost is $25 and includes lunch on site.  Registration fee must be received by July 15.
For more information, email Nicole Barlow at or call (406) 446-3645. Mail registration to Nicole Barlow, P.O. Box 2269, Red Lodge 59068, by July 15.
This is a great opportunity to learn skills needed to shape your food future.


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