Quick Definition

What is an Urban Chicken?

Urban chickens are actually, in the words of one local veterinarian, “pets with benefits”. Urban chickens are a limited number of hens (we are asking for up to 6, and no roosters) kept in clean, enclosed and predator-proof coops in urban backyards.

The small size and gentle nature of backyard hens, particularly in the breeds known to be quiet and calm, make them great for families with even small children, and also ideal as a backyard food producer. Not only do they eat every type of insect imaginable, they also do a smash-up job eating leftovers, kitchen and garden scraps. In return for this omnivorous diet, they return two things: nutritionally-superior eggs and a desirable, highly bio-degradable and eco-friendly fertilizer product once composted.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Nicely said! Although we now have a Councilmen trying to restrict that “highly bio-degradable and eco-friendly fertilizer” from getting into our compost! Crazy!


  2. That is bonkers, Kim! Can you guys buy some bags of poultry fertilizer from the hardware store/nursery/wherever and bring them in (empty) with receipts? That stuff is expensive! And composts easily, without smell, once it’s buried in other compost materials such as coop bedding, grass clippings, and leaves.

    Did you see the Salem hen support group, at SalemChickens.com? There’s alot of good information on there…

    Chicken manure is alot more expensive than composted steer manure. Did they ever wonder why? It might not smell any better than any other critter leavings when it’s fresh, but it sure turns into a wonder in the garden.

    Do you guys have a master gardener’s group in Miles City? Surely one of them could speak as to the benefits of poultry fertilizer??


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