Chicken Adoption Program

A few weeks ago we told you about our Rooster Relocation Program – homes for hapless roosters who are just not welcome in backyards. We are happy to report that this program is already working for Billings families, and we have “placed” roosters to date!

Another issue has arisen… what about the families who decide that backyard hens are just not working out for them? Or perhaps they ended up, somehow, with over 6 hens (as per our requested ordinance limit)? Or decided they preferred brown eggs to white, or blue-green eggs to brown?

The Magic City Hen ( Chicken Adoption Program to include any and all chickens, not just roosters. If you are interested in being an “Adoption Home” for the chickens, please email TJ at to be put on the list. Your contact information will be kept private and only given to potential donating families/persons.

It is very important that the Urban Hen issue is properly handled, responsibly and with forethought. We want to implement every reasonable method to make sure that the city of Billings is never left with a problem on their hands. Other cities do not report any problems with this issue, but planning beats reacting, any day!


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  1. I would love to know more about your “re homing” program for roosters. Are they truly being placed in loving homes or loving stew pots? It absolutely hurts my heart to think of all the unwanted roosters with no place to live out their rooster lives. It’s really a tough situation and I am always looking for options for them. We have several no kill farm animal sanctuaries but they cannot always take in more roosters. I’m extremely happy to know you are trying to be compliant within your city laws and compassionate at the same time. I would love to hear back…and best of luck!
    mother hens chicken club on face book


    • We have homes that are able to let them live out their lives, as well as those who will be feeding their families and others with the unwanted roosters. Ideally, all homes would be no-kill… but that just isn’t possible. So we’re trying to give folks alternatives to dropping them off by the river, or a city park, or just booting them out into the alley! There are always choices available… and a responsible, humane and quick death is preferably to starving or being attacked by dogs or wilder predators out in the country. Circle of life thing! 🙂 Thank you for writing!!


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