Homes for Hapless Roosters

Hey everyone –

Your friendly neighbors of Billings Backyard Hen Initiative have a two-fold purpose. The first one is getting clarification of city ordinances allowing backyard hens. The second, longer-term purpose, is to provide information and resources for people who want and/or maintain backyard hens.

The reason for this post is in regards to the latter. A major part of the success of urban chickens lies in the keeping of HENS ONLY – no crowing, protective roosters (although they have their place of course, just not in the urban chicken environment). But chick gendering isn’t 100%, and with straight-run chicks thrown into the mix, alot of baby roosters are going to get through and into backyards. Around 2-3 months later, the problem begins. An unwanted rooster.

We need to identify places where Mr Rooster can go live out the remainder of his life… whether that is a very short term remainder, or a long-term remainder, not being really our primary concern. In other words, if his new home is someone’s stewpot, we just don’t want to know about it. Are you someone, or do you know someone here locally within 25 miles or so of Billings, who would be willing to accept a rooster??

We’re going to maintain an active listing of Homes for Roosters. If you could pop me an email or give me a call about it, we would love to have all the listings possible so that there was never a time when some overwhelmed I-thought-he-was-a-hen-owner felt compelled to just dump their rooster at Sacajawea Park or something crazy. It should never be the city’s problem!!! We think that it is only responsible to be prepared to handle this possibility.




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  1. Posted by Holly on June 15, 2011 at 11:59 am

    I’m not within 25 miles, but am in Billings frequently to shop, and can usually take a rooster or two.


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