Meeting Tonight! June 2, 2011

Hello, hen-friendly folks!

Please consider attending our meeting tonight, 7PM at the large upstairs conference room at Good Earth Market downtown Billings… we will be sharing support, ideas, encouragement, and preparing for the upcoming City Zoning Commission meeting early next week.

Since the great publicity of the article that came out in the Billings Gazette on May 24 ( we have received quite a few requests for information, offers to help, and encouragement. This is great news as it reflects Billings residents’ willingness to embrace this issue for our town! Hopefully the city will agree and we will be on our way to backyard-hen-friendly ordinances shortly.
This has been a really fun, encouraging group to work with so far. Thanks everyone!!


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  1. Posted by Susan on June 4, 2011 at 12:43 am

    I just found your website today. Did the meeting go well? I sent an email to both of my council members supporting backyard chickens several days ago.


    • Hi there! Yes, we had a good, productive meeting last night – gearing up for the City Zoning meeting on Tuesday (6/7/11 at 4:30PM, City Hall). We’re hoping that we can get a great turnout so that the city realizes we really *DO* want hens in our backyards!!

      Thank you for the council emails, that’s perfect!!


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