Making Local News!

After conversing with and sending City Councilman Vince Ruegamer information on our request for the city to allow urban chickens just yesterday, he brought it up at the City Council meeting last night. On B-1 (Local/State) of the Billings Gazette this morning, note the following in the article entitled “Council approves land swap with clinic”:

“At the end of the meeting, Councilman Vince Ruegamer said some of his constituents have asked him about the possibility of passing an ordinance that would allow the raising of chickens within city limits. Several other Montana cities have passed “urban chicken” ordinances, letting people raise a limited number of the birds. If any residents have any thoughts on the matter, or facts to present, Ruegamer said he’d love to hear from them.”


This is great news, that he was willing to bring it up and get the request for feedback out there! (three cheers for Councilman Ruegamer!! We sure appreciate it!). It would be really helpful at this point if you guys could send your councilman an email or give them a call regarding this issue. To find out which ward in which you are located, or to find contact information, see the city website (

Please also consider attending our “get-together” task force meeting at Off the Leaf coffee shop on Grand, Thursday May 19 at 7PM. Free chicken-raising information will be available. And let as many poultry-friendly people and businesses know about this as possible. Responsible backyard hens shouldn’t have to be an underground movement! As one website puts it, a few chickens in your backyard is no more livestock than a garden is a farm.

Now is the time for all good men and women, boys and girls to come to the aid of their poultry!! 🙂

~TJ/Billings Backyard Hen Initiative


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  1. Posted by Gina Wedel on May 12, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    I’m so glad to see someone working on this, is there a way to share your blog on Facebook? I would love to share this my friends!


  2. WordPress shows different screens depending on whether you’re a reader or Administrator, so it’s hard for me to see what readers see… that being said, I *think* that if you click on Comments, it will show the “Share this” bar above the comment field, which includes Facebook connections.

    Sounds like you got it though (from your second post) – so great!!

    Do you have a group working on this issue as well? We would love to connect with you guys; from what I’m hearing, there are several different groups with this same goal. It’s a great time to get a cohesive push forward! And leadership is certainly open for all! 🙂


  3. Good luck with your fight!! I’m in Cleveland, OH and we passed laws to allow chickens in an urban environment, I cannot believe that Billings, MT doesn’t aloow it!

    You can see our blog at


  4. It’s real easy to do folks. It took me about five minutes to email both of my representatives. Up With Chickens!


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